About development of an ontological toolkit / To the problem of “The Instrumental complex for ontological engineering purpose” software system design

Published in Problemy programmirovaniâ, 2012

Recommended citation: Palagin, A.V., Petrenko, N.G., Velychko, V.Yu., Malakhov, K.S., Tikhonov, Yu.L. (2012). About development of an ontological toolkit. Problemy programmirovaniâ, 2-3, 289–298. Retrieved from http://pp.isofts.kiev.ua/ojs1/article/view/82/82


The given work describes methodological principles of design instrumental complex of ontological purpose. Instrumental complex intends for the implementation of the integrated information technologies automated build of domain ontologies. Results focus on enhancing the effectiveness of the automatic analysis and understanding of natural-language texts, building of knowledge description of subject areas (primarily in the area of science and technology) and for interdisciplinary research in conjunction with the solution of complex problems.

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